Classic suture SUPER T catches your lover’s eyes

Before the advent of Valentine’s Day in 2015, True Religion brand to the most classic high-end Super T sewing interwoven technology to create Dean, Geno, Joey Flare tannin series, as this year’s Valentine’s Day gift of the best recommendation, Super T at this time On behalf of the romantic, delicate and eternal intertwined meaning. Whether it is to give you his or her or as a lovers, are the best choice for Valentine’s Day this year, True Religion Super T Tannin series is representative of the grade, status and status of the ultimate symbol. True Religion from the 2002 launch of the brand has been a lot of Hollywood and national men and women star sought after, from its superb handicrafts, body sculpting effect, and even began in its logo and name to show the personality.

True Religion to bring you / you are the most classic brand MUST HAVE tannin goods: on behalf of romantic, refined and eternal love witness. Men’s Dean Cone-shaped narrow tube turn tannins pants, handsome and tangible, pants flanging to wear the law so that gentlemen can wear very casual, but very taste. Men’s Geno straight Slim tannins, upper body comfortable and durable, washed white + cat to be modeling, classic generous. Straight self-cultivation style, more fit leg shape, classic five pocket design. Female models Joey Flare oblique suture and trumpet trousers can make the legs look slender, to achieve a good self-cultivation effect; buttocks buckle pocket design can let the buttocks have narrow and alteration of visual effects, which is True Religion The magic of jeans.

Super T sewing interwoven technology is to True Religion and other brands to distinguish one of the elements. Super T Sewing Interleaving is a sewing method that uses a six-stranded suture per inch and is unique to True Religion. This sewing method presents a clear and unique style, is currently the most representative of the brand logo one of the masterpieces, other brands can not provide and replace. True Religion invented Super T sewing interweaving technology and has patented its technology. Super T sewing interwoven technology using multi-strand suture, suture intertwined color is also very rich. Despite the use of a similar “anti-trademark” approach, dilute the brand logo, low-key but obviously can feel it different.

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