Supermodels Joan Smalls and Joan Smith have become the models of True Religion

Joan Smalls Joel Moss x True Religion (referred to as JS X TR) is personally designed by Joan Smalls, and is the first time in her history, this 2015 autumn and winter concept series is the second of this series, Inspired by Joan Smalls own off-duty style (off-duty style), the concept is “the street is your T station”, so that women boldly show themselves, confidently show the fashion wear on weekdays self-style.

From the daily dress outline into the bold eye of the elements of this series is 18 single product basis, to the classic style, into the street shooting fashionable attitude, Joan Smalls design appeal dazzling but not fade popular. From leather jeans on the details of the stitching, to the shirt with the design of yarn, or fashionable diving fabric of a single product, this series use a variety of fabrics, play their texture to play a variety of possibilities.

All the details of the design of the single product are showing Joan Smalls personally involved in the fashionable taste, such as handsome copper alloy zipper appears in many single products to show supermodel eye-catching side, and her world famous slim legs tips here Series to share, she chose the inside suture longer leggings cut, pull the proportion of high legs, wearing more slender and slender. Series and bring her childhood favorite animal peacock, for example, two sweater are this bold gorgeous animal totem modern interpretation of magnificent rainbow mood, from the beautiful peacock feathers in the “tall and straight” supermodel attitude.

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