True Religion officially stationed in Shenyang Vientiane City

The United States top tanning brand True Religion will be held on August 8, 2008 in Shenyang Vientiane City opened. Shenyang Vientiane City is located in the core area of ​​Shenyang Golden Gallery, advocating the concept of international consumption, a collection of brand retail, specialty catering, entertainment and leisure functions in one. True Religion chose to enter the Vientiane City in Shenyang also because of the same business philosophy.

True Religion Shenyang Vientiane City boutique, located on the 2nd floor, including sales of men’s and women’s series, boutique size of 80 square meters, True Religion United States and China team in cooperation with each other to develop True Religion Vientiane geometric space design blueprint , To create a modern neat space, so that consumers have a home away from the consumer space, space color combination is another person has a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Shenyang Vientiane City True Religion boutique is the domestic True Religion’s fifth boutique. In addition, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, high-level shopping malls also have True Religion specialized boutiques.

True Religion brand spirit respected brave, warm, different, fearless and self-styled culture. True Religion challenges the production process of ordinary tannins over the past century, with high quality tannins, a variety of handicrafts, both in the suture or tailoring, hand washing and dyeing techniques are unable to replace the production of the top tannins Cumbersome process. True Religion high quality super self-cultivation effect and unique style, to attract the attention of top customers.