High-end brand True Religion asks the consultants for help

Private equity fund company Towerbrook Capital Partners LP thought the acquisition of the US high-end denim apparel brand True Religion Apparel Inc. (TRLG) in the niche market gains, but unexpectedly ushered in the global high-end retail market slowdown or even stagnant, and brand Owned by the cowboy industry is also a positive movement of the world popular, Towerbrook can only sigh the transaction is untimely, the Fund is now reported to have begun to contact consultants for the cowboy brand continued to decline sales to find a way out.

Towerbrook has contacted MaƩva Group LLC, a former head of the fund, and Harry Wilson has helped the electronics retailer, RadioShack Corp., revived and is also a member of the General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), according to Reuters, Bankruptcy protection reorganization of the US government working group members.

According to no fashion Chinese network data, the transaction price of a total of 835 million US dollars, or 32 US dollars per share. After the deal is completed, Towerbrook will appoint David Conn as the new CEO for the brand, David Conn has served VF Corp. (NYSE: VF) Weifu Group as the retail agent brand president, Weifu Group owns Lee, Wrangler two Cowboy brand.

However, in the unfavorable situation of sales continued to decline, David Conn has been deceived in 2015, John Ermatinger replaced it. John Ermatinger has served as chief executive officer of Tommy Hilfiger Asia Pacific, president of Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) Pacific Group, PHV Corp. (NYSE: PVH) Group, as well as local brands Li-Ning Li Ning and Daphne Daphne Senior Consultant (mainly by the two Chinese retailers, private equity fund TPG Capital Asia Trader), in the cowboy industry has deep experience.

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