The most legendary denim brand True Religion

2002 from the United States True Religion brand was born, described a unique young American Jeffery Lubell entrepreneurial story. As early as the boyhood, living in New York, he often own hands to transform his broken tannins, such as bleaching bell pants on the edge of the pants, or leather or other materials such as modified tonic composition of the world is unique and belong to his tannins works. He will be rock music album cover image painted on the jacket, even with hand embroidery to decorate the pattern, creating a self-personality and style of tannins single product. “That’s the starting point for me to create the top daning journey and dream,” says Jeffery Lubell, founder of the True Religion brand. Prior to the July 4th day of the United States, True Religion was selected at the W Hotel in the United States, Beijing – to celebrate the American Day and the glorious brand culture of the appreciation of the day, and prepared a fine American Barbeque party, so that we know more True Religion Dan Ning brand essence.

California’s tannery industry elite Jeffery Lubell in addition to the creation of True Religion, but also gives the new meaning of tannins. Continuation of the early tannins and cowboy lifestyle close to the background, with the evolution of time and history, Jeffery Lubell to “Made in America” ​​DNA, the brand is more respected brave, warm, different, fearless and self-style Of the culture. True Religion is always high quality, super self-cultivation effect and with hippie, rock style, to attract the attention of top customers. Horse buckle, one hand holding the guitar hand thumbs up Maitreya Buddha, a variety of delicate hand-tailored way and particularly covered with pocket design above T and Super T’s hand-suture elements show a variety of yuan brand logo. In addition to many delicate handmade craft, True Religion is more revolutionary Vintage washing technology, showing the eternal charm and retro tannins feelings. True Religion is the most popular brand in the top of the Tannin market. True Religion has a number of patents on tannin manufacturing technology; in 2005 began to provide stitching map (Patchwork) tannins private style customization services. The same time as the above-

As the founder of the brand Jeffery Lubell continue to lead the brand to grow and have the courage to try and create a continuation of the distinctive bold (Fearless) brand spirit. Above not only in the men and women series, of course, also contains all other items. True Religion product style although diverse but always adhering to the “self-cultivation first” brand motto. True Religion is not for the trend of followers, but for the fashion trend of the leader and students. True Religion has become a unique and desirable long tannin and lifestyle brand. True Religion products and design are quite outstanding; True Religion customers are eye-catching and outstanding in the crowd; True Religion customers not only love the brand and become the trend of the lead By. True Religion has become a unique and desirable long tannin and lifestyle brand.

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