America’s top denim brand True Religion

New silk harness vest whether it is stacked or sexy single wear is a perfect match, the new loose shape of the Georgia shirt to improve the profile of the perfect cut, clothing lines drape feeling easily bring out the upper body fashionable casual taste, walking series more Bring the glory of the latest clothing and leggings, with the holiday atmosphere to add shiny surface clothing, so you are particularly flickering in the rhythm.

True Religion this year to create a rebellious style of the deceased from the head to the feet, personalized leather jacket is more or indispensable. Male, locomotive-inspired style coupled with a unique zipper detail, hand-made old technology to bring the daily or road travel in the most grid look. Female, the locomotive wind series has a gold metal zipper detail with True Religion iconic hand-twisted stitch, with imitation fur locomotive jacket and modern short body rate style.

True Religion at the end of the season with a new winter canopy concept of light holiday mood, bright white into the wave of fluorescent neon, the whole series of bold escape in the past, True Religion has never seen a new attempt. Female series, neon and printing walk in the tannins, uploads and accessories, cross seen in the whole series, fluorescent neon color in the details of the tannins suture can be seen everywhere, is the season the most perfect style style tone. Male series, the end of the year will bring the best interpretation of modern college, from the college jacket to the T-shirt and accessories, this series is also a fluorescent Poku tone change a variety of fashionable style.

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